Camillus SIZZLE 2.75

Camillus SIZZLE 2.75 Assisted opener Ralph

Mark  Click “Read more”. I got around to post this picture. You can ask questions about the knife at I opened this knife up at 2 AM so when I told you it was an assist that had a spring integral out of the left liner I was half asleep and was just giving it a quick look. It has a separate spring that resides in a space next to the left liner. The space is created by a fat pivot washer. It just looked familiar to some other knives I have. I don’t think I have this configuration, so I’m glad I bought this one. I mainly bought it to see what those 2 handle screws held! It seems the just hold the handles to the scales. Weird, but that could be an indicator of quality. Which brings us to your other question. Is it a good knife? Yeah, for the money. The blade at about 2.3 inches is almost “California legal”. Works nice. I like the design so far. If you carry it let me know how it holds up.  LeRoi