Book Two

Book Two comes four years after Book One. And the reason is it took all four years to write. It picks up where Book One ended. This is 394 pages of knife mechanism discovery, learning, and fun! Switchblades, dual action, stiletto, balisong, not to mention a big chapter on liner-locks. And many, many, many more. All the stuff that I wanted to put in Book One, but ran out of time. So I crammed much more into Book Two, including all kinds of stuff like interviews with knife mechanism designers and demonstrations on ergonomics.
It is basicly the same style as Book One. A lot of fun stuff! This is a great book. If Book One pleased you, Book Two will blow your mind! No one has ever written a book on knife mechanisms. And when you see the work that went into this one, you’ll understand why. With the Blade Show 2018 coming up I got a lot of requests from guys in places like Italy, Australia, South Africa to please get them a copy there in Atlanta. Ok, so I published it Although it could use a little final polish, I hurriedly cobbled together what I had and shot it to the printer. So I call this unvarnished edition “Artist’s Proof, First Edition”. We had a great time at the show. And it’s a great book! It just might contain a typo, Ha! But don’t forget, I made it for you guys so we all can share the info. Who needs the polish when you have the secrets revealed and the joy of learning the essence of knife mechanisms. Hope you enjoy it.

Launching a new Blog

My son and grandson are here helping me launch a new blog. My grandson loves pushing buttons.

This is my first post on the new blog site. Just trying to get the feel of it. Got a lot of stuff I wanted to share but am still learning the system. Above video is some great info from Doug. Below is a pair of DAOF, both use the same mechanical design for their guts. People have sent me some pictures of knife mechanisms and some patent drawings I will hopefully get to. And we’ll, eventually, have some fun with it.

Not to show off, and it was a few years ago when I was stronger, but here is me, easily, carrying a 280 pond anvil and a 350 pound wedge block. Not bad, huh! Do not try this at home. It could cause injury. And do not try this with real anvils. (So you see right off there is always some BS on the web. But here, we’ll try to keep exaggerations, like this, to a minimum.) This is Tannehill Park, Alabama, at the Batson Symposium.

Camillus SIZZLE 2.75

Camillus SIZZLE 2.75 Assisted opener Ralph

Mark  Click “Read more”. I got around to post this picture. You can ask questions about the knife at I opened this knife up at 2 AM so when I told you it was an assist that had a spring integral out of the left liner I was half asleep and was just giving it a quick look. It has a separate spring that resides in a space next to the left liner. The space is created by a fat pivot washer. It just looked familiar to some other knives I have. I don’t think I have this configuration, so I’m glad I bought this one. I mainly bought it to see what those 2 handle screws held! It seems the just hold the handles to the scales. Weird, but that could be an indicator of quality. Which brings us to your other question. Is it a good knife? Yeah, for the money. The blade at about 2.3 inches is almost “California legal”. Works nice. I like the design so far. If you carry it let me know how it holds up.  LeRoi

The Site is Online

It’s Alive!

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